About Me

Professional Graffiti Style Artist

 I’ve been painting for 20+ years. I love art, drawing, and painting, but when I was young I fell in love with spray paint. A lot of people were moving to my city from New York so I was exposed to a new culture made up of hip hop, fashion, and of course, graffiti. I never wanted to vandalize – I wanted to make art for everyone to see. Graffiti is my passion. 


 I specialize in custom wall murals and canvases and will take on any custom projects. I’ll paint indoors or outdoors on any surface. Anything can be a canvas for graffiti from a piece of paper to a car or motorcycle. Contact me to discuss your custom project. 

Willing to Travel

 Though I live in York, PA I have painted all across Pennsylvania and as far west as South Dakota. If you need a professional graffiti style artist, I’m willing to travel to paint.